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EnTrance Theatre Talk

Dec 4, 2019

On the road chatting with Dan Knechtges about Theatre Under The Stars

Nov 23, 2019

On the Road chatting with Keith Cromwell about Red Mountain Theatre Company

Nov 1, 2019

EnTrance is one year old!

Join past guests, Kirsten, Jenna and Jeremy as we celebrate the first year of EnTrance.

Oct 22, 2019

Artistic Director Dan Knechtges, Associate Artistic Director Megan Larch Dominick, and Actress Chryssie Whitehead geek out with Kirsten on a deep dive into A Chorus Line.

Sep 29, 2019

Aaron Kubey was the first Deaf and youngest Executive Director/President of the National Theatre of the Deaf. He had the opportunity of working on numerous television, film, theatrical productions, and concerts during his professional career. 

He regularly works as a Director of Artistic Sign Language (DASL) in the...